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        ZIGUI DIYUAN FOOD AND CANNED FOOD CO.,LTD is located In Zigui County of Yichang city and immediately next to the world-famous Three Gorges Project ( TGP) which is the largest hydroelectric station in the world .Since established in November 1999 , it has grown to be an internationalized enterprise of agricultural deep processing. We are composed of six manufacturing workshops, two empty tins factories and a trade company called ZEYUAN TRADING COM.,LTD focusing on exporting & importing. With more than 500 staffs struggling, up to now, the annual productive capacity has reached to 80,000 metric tons and output value amounted to RMB 500,000,000 including $50 million foreign exchange earnings. Honored as one of the model enterprises of exporting the processed agricultural products in China and leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in HUBEI province. And we have entered into the top ten list of exporting among all the manufacturers of canned foods in China. Our products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in domestic and abroad markets.Our existing business and products: fresh-keeping processing and controlled atmosphere storage of navel orange, quick-frozen orange peel, dried orange slice; and various canned vegetables in brine or tomato sauce such as canned broad beans,chickpeas , green peas, cut green beans ,sweet corn,mixed vegetables, white kidney beans, red kidney beans ,baked beans; and canned fruits in syrup such as sugar orange, yellow peach,pineapple; and canned jam such as tomato paste, pumpkin jam, Watermelon jam, mixed fruit jam,apricot jam,etc.
        • TEL:0086-717-2865525
        • E-mail:ziguidiyuanfood@hotmail.com
        • Website:http://www.zjyouo.com/
        • Whatsapp: +0086 13469829691
        • ADD:NO.213 Xichu Road,Zigui,Yichang ,Hubei,China.

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